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Improving Performance

One of the most important goals for the entrepreneur is to build value in their business. Business value is influenced by a number of factors, including operational performance and delivery, and this is ultimately reflected in underlying profitability of the business. Ensuring that all the critical aspects of the business; its people, processes, and controls are aligned and running optimally achieves good business performance. To maintain this is difficult, and is especially challenging in a business that is growing quickly. Constant attention should be paid to the business and the entrepreneur must have the mind-set of seeking continual performance improvement. We help bring focus and process to assess priorities, quantify the upside of change, build sustainable improvement plans and push to implement and embed the changes required.

Our aim is to build the habit of challenging the status quo and helping clients see further ahead (beginning with the end in mind) and understand why change needs to be tackled now if value is to be maximised. Remember, a well-run business, with strong management and good process and controls will stand up to the scrutiny of due diligence and result in a better valuation on exit.

Typical areas of performance improvement where we get involved include:

  • Financial control and corporate governance
  • Developing KPI’s to measure and monitor performance
  • Building sustainable profits
  • Improving cashflow and working capital
  • Communication and decision making
  • Remuneration and incentive planning
  • Clarifying responsibilities and ensuring accountability
  • Improving Board performance and aiding succession
  • Preparing a business for sale
  • Integration and business reviews
  • Structuring business to enable growth
  • Increase efficiency through best use of systems and technology