helping entrepreneurs create, build and realise value


  • Sharing knowledge and skills – not keeping information back, ensuring understanding
  • Win-win negotiators with a focus on cash profits as a core component of value
  • Commitment to your wider ambitions & values and continually thinking of you and the issue at hand
  • Prepared to positively challenge and say “the difficult things”. Opinionated- for better or worse
  • Honesty, integrity, transparent, respectful and professional at all times
  • Disclosing “conflicts” immediately they appear
  • Clear scope, no surprises and upfront about where we cannot help or are not competent to deliver
  • Aware and very conscious of risk – always seek to protect you from the downside
  • Flexible and aligned fee structures
  • Teamwork and sense of fun during what can be difficult and stressful situations
  • High levels of communication – continually keeping you informed of progress
"Richard has been advising our firm for many years during which we have changed the structure of the firm out of all recognition without destroying its underlying ethos. He has guided us through acquisitions, performance management, structuring, strategic planning, managing growth and resolving ‘difficult’ issues and continues to give us valuable guidance. He is pragmatic, commercial and above all able to make positive things happen. He seems to be able to herd cats!" Senior Partner, Professional Services Firm