helping entrepreneurs create, build and realise value


Working together – building trust

We have a straightforward approach that should not waste your time and help you quickly decide whether we can work together.

Discovery (Initial meeting)
We will spend at least 2 hours with you understanding your vision, current position, options available and the skill and will in you and your team to deliver the vision.  This meeting will allow both of us to confirm whether we wish to progress to an initial proposal.

We will send you a short proposal which will replay your business and personal objectives, identify priorities, set out a simple roadmap of how we can help, propose a fee structure and identify next steps and timescales.  We can then work with you to agree final terms.
Control & measure
All of our work is controlled by a “Rolling Activity Plan”.  This is a simple document that identifies the outcome, actions, timescales, responsibilities and progress to date.  This helps us all maintain focus and momentum.

We always agree communication protocols and specific points to give and receive feedback. Relationships ebb and flow over time and constructive feedback is an essential ingredient in delivering your strategy.

The “upside model” and fee structures
We all need to be pragmatic and commercial about fees!   We actively encourage the discussion about fee structures that are aligned with creating future business value and/or achievement of objectives or milestones.  We will also take equity positions if this makes sense for both parties.

"Richard is a class act. He wants to help and does. The product his team provides is sensible and cost effective. The client service he adds is second to none." CEO, Mid Market Financial Outsourcer