helping entrepreneurs create, build and realise value

Comentorise gives entrepreneurs access to commercial expertise, powerful networks and corporate finance skills to create and build value

Our Proposition

Comentorise has a passion for helping businesses reach their potential. We believe that the likelihood of business success is significantly improved by addressing gaps in knowledge, skills and attitude of entrepreneurs and business leaders and, helping them access the right advice, of the right quality, at the right time and at the right price. Our goal is to improve the odds of success by giving access to; pragmatic coaching and mentoring, and commercial, financial and corporate finance expertise.

What we do

Comentorise helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We provide a mix of business advice and smart process that increases success rates and creates momentum. We work closely with entrepreneurs helping them to 'negotiate', 'jump', 'avoid' or 'knock down' hurdles that prevent growth and ensure focus, commitment and energy is maintained. We provide clear, commercial and pragmatic advice and prefer to work alongside clients throughout the journey to give the best chance of making changes stick and deliver value.

How we do it

We want to add value immediately so we focus on solving the key issue you have right now as well as beginning to work with you on a growth plan. We make ourselves accountable through simple control documents and our communication protocols are agreed from day one to ensure the necessary feedback. Our fee structures are based on delivering business value or achievement but we also consider equity positions.

"I also wanted to take a moment to say a massive thank you for all of your help and support this year which has gone way beyond the call of duty and made amassive contribution to where we have got to as a business. There is for sure never a dull moment with the current pace of growth and having you as part of the team has been invaluable in making it all possible. On top of this it is such a real pleasure working with you." Group CEO;
Global Creative Agency